Nick Bowering’s current art practice takes inspiration from a love of the golden age of travel, childhood memories of his parent’s emigration and a nostalgic sense of being born out of time.
His sculpture and paintings are imbued with a love of transport poster imagery from the 1930s and 40s. An early fascination with travel, shipping and aviation was inspired by having been born in Australia to parents emigrating on the £10 assisted passage in the 1960s. Nick’s sculptural works have also enabled him to encompass a childhood love of model-making, first instilled in him by his engineer grandfather, who taught him to make toys and train sets from scrap wood and metal – part of the post-war generation of ‘make-do-and-mend’.
Latterly time spent in the film industry has also enabled him to develop ideas around a real and imagined past; with contradictions of materials and scale, fakery and illusion, the inherent deception of model-making and ambiguity of memory.
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Nick Bowering